RIM Connections

Angola –

Luanda – Centro Cristal Vida Abundante – Andrew -Ted – Bob

There are several churches under the oversight of João Cardoso. There are also orphanages and a literacy program in place for the nation of Angola. School of Eagles training material is being translated into Portuguese and will be implemented in a training school there by the end of 2013.

Kenya –

Hogerhorstjes On Mission International – David

Sasha and Miriam Hogerhorst – working with church ministry in Kenya, Ukunda, Diani Beach

Whats app and Facetime Sacha: +31617007336

Email Sacha                                       : sachahogerhorst@gmail.com

Mobile phone Kenya                   : +254715991224

Deliverance Churches denomination – Bob

Bishop Mark Kariuki leads the Deliverance Churches denomination. Mark is a longtime friend of Bob and has churches throughout Africa.  Most of these churches sprang up as a result of Rienhard Bonnke’s crusade in Africa. This group is aggressive with the message of the Kingdom of God… with focus on Worship, Deliverance, Evangelism, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and healing. http://www.bishopmarkkariuki.org/bmark.php


Uganda –

Lira & Kampala – G42 Africa – Andrew – David / Ted teach

G42 Alumni Armand and Rebekah Van Dijk are establishing this ministry. G42 Africa has a vision is to see the church empowered to reach the lost and to provide training for developing leaders in Africa. G42 Africa is currently located in Lyra, Uganda. Training programs are also being implemented in Kampalla. This is a new ministry plant to impart the Kingdom principles and Christlike characteristics learned in G42. Contact: www.g42africa.org

Lira – Light Force International – Andrew

Lightforce International is led by George Ridley and is committed to taking good news to the poor and practical help to people in need. LightForce International has worked in Lira in Northern Uganda since January 2004 and worked in the camps at the height of the crisis. As a result of a holding peace the population has moved   the camps back to their homesteads—rebuilding their homes and working their land. www.lightforce.org.uk/uganda/


Cambodia –

G42 Alumni – Phnom Penh –  Andrew

A new ministry being pioneered by Alum Stephanie Davis in ministering to the Deaf Community in their own language – sign language!  This is Phnom Penh. Contact through G42.

India –

Andhra Pradesh – Light Force International –  Andrew

Lightforce International is led by George Ridley and is committed to taking good news to the poor and practical help to people in need. LightForce International has formed a partnership with a young lady called Sunitha in Andhra Pradesh. Sunitha has dedicated her life to caring for vulnerable people groups in her area. These include, (1) Children who are rescued from working in granite/slate quarries, (2) caring for former street girls and (3) caring for widows. www.lightforce.org.uk/india/home-of-faith/


Thailand –

G42 Alumni – Adventures in Missions – Andrew

G42 alumni Zac Parish is overseeing the regional ministry of Adventures in Missions – contact through G42 or AIM.


Abbotsford – Bruce MacKay & Claudia Santiago – Ted

Viva La Vida Success – Vida Vision – Ministries of Claudia Santiago and Bruce MacKay – VPGI – Vida Provision Group International – www.vivalavidasuccess.com – Management Consulting / Development| Live Events / Productions Agency / Marketing & PR

Castlegar, BC – House of Bread Community – Ted

Pastors Gordon and Jackie Malcolm work with a growing community of new believers and developing believers in Castlegar, B.C.,Canada. Gordon is a licensed pastor through House of Bread Minsitry

Dan and Marg Boyer serve Castlegar Christian Fellowship and link with Christ Life Training in providing equipping and resources to the Kootney area. Mark is a licensed minister through House of Bread Ministry.

Prince George, BC – Timbers Church – Bob

Prince George, BC – Timbers is a “culturally relevant” church led by Paul & Christine Bertieg.  Paul came to this church 4 yrs ago with about 60 in attendance… and now has more than 300. Bob is in a “coaching” relationship with Paul and Timbers.


Trail BC  – Ted

House of Bread Community – These are members in connection with House of Bread Ministry and implementing some of the House of Bread/Christ Life training process. Gary and Marlyn Stewart work with Gateway Christian Fellowship and have a strong relational connection with Ted Hanson. Jim and Lauree Morris are also a couple in connection with House of Bread Ministry and in relationship with Ted. They are also connected to Gateway Christian Fellowship in Trail.

Tsawwassen, BC – Kingdom Faith Centre – Ted – Bob

Kingdom Faith Ministries led by Darcy Dube. This is a kingdom community reaching many Latin American countries with food provisions, business ventures, and ministry training schools. Ted ministers here in a prophetic capacity and Bob brings regular teaching.

Winnepeg – Wilderness Youth Ministry – Andrew

A wilderness experience, camping, canoeing, with Christian Discipleship with Alums Matt and Cheryl Peters based in Winnipeg Manitoba. Check out : www.mattpeters.ca


Central America:

Costa Rica – San Jose – RAMCU Church Network – Bob

Costa Rica – Rony Chavez is an apostolic/prophetic voice in the middle of San Jose, CR. Rony has led RAMCU which is a network of churches in Central & South America. Rony is long time friends of both Bob & Andrew. http://www.ronychaves.org/

Puerto Rico –

Bob Nichols has many “relationships” in Puerto Rico… he travels there as many as 4-5 x’s each year training in Heart Issues. A few of the host churches are:


Guanabo – Ministerio Casa de Resturacion – Bob

Guanabo, PR – Hector Melendez pastors Ministerio Casa de Resturacion.  This ministry has a heart to serve, train and equip other in the Body of Christ.  They host numerous conferences for the Body of Christ in Puerto Rico each year.

Bayamon – Centro Cristiano de Adoracion Familiar – Bob

Bayamon, PR – Jose Melendez pastors Centro Cristiano de Adoracion Familiar.  Jose is a popular conference speaker and evangelist.

Guaynabo – House of Worship – Bob

Guaynabo, PR – Sidney Stair pastors House of Worship. Sydney was Bob’s first translator in Puerto Rico and is a spiritual son of Rony Chavez from Costa Rica.  Sidney is a gifted Psalmist as well as translator.

Cayay – Iglesia Cristiana Ciudad Fuerte – Bob

Cayay, PR – Dr. Juan Agusto pastors Iglesia Cristiana Ciudad Fuerte… Juan is a former City Administrator for San Juan… a gifted teacher.

Europe – Eastern:

Albania – Lightforce International – Andrew

Lezhe – Lightforce International is led by George Ridley and is committed to taking good news to the poor and practical help to people in need. LightForce International began working in Albania in 1992 and to date more than 1000 people have personally given their time as volunteers. Thousands of tons of aid have been delivered. LightForce has repaired hospitals & schools, supplying necessary equipment, provided clothes, food and blankets, repaired and constructed houses. LightForce International is working on development projects to provide training, long-term employment and create small businesses thus enabling people to rebuild their lives. www.lightforce.org.uk/albania/

Bulgaria –

Plovdiv – National Christian Center – Ted

This church is led by Pastors Svetilio Petrovi and Vese Petrova. Ted has worked as a spiritual father to Svetilio and Vese for many years. National Christian Center is assisting people in developing their character and receiving education concerning Christian principles. They believe in the development of each person’s potential and releasing them into their God-given skills, abilities, and aptitudes. The presence, passion and purpose of God is strong in this congregation. Svetilio has also initiated and is pioneering tremendously successful business ventures in Bulgaria.

Sofia – National Christian Center – A body of believers is being established in Sofia, Bulgaria. This is a growing community with  many young adults and hungry hearted people ready for the expansion of the kingdom of God in Bulgaria. This group is under the direction of Pastor Svetilio Petrovi.

Czech Republic –

Moravian Trail – Andrew

This is a ministry led by G42 graduate Barbara Kroutil and it offers a tour of the history of the Czech Reformation through the Czech Republic – Poland and Germany. It gives a look back in time and to experience the life of the Moravians. This tour follows the route of escape to Herrnhut, Germany alongside knowledgeable tour guides and teachers! They offer a look into the lives of the Moravian brethren and the immense impact in they had in Europe and around the world.www.moraviantravels.com

Ukraine – G42 Alumni – Andrew

G42 alums Steve and Jo Harder and their two young sons are doing language studies in order to pioneer a youth ministry in the former Soviet country.  Contact:  stevelharder@gmail.com

Europe – Western:

Austria –

Vienna – Life Church – Bob

Austria, Vienna – Life Church is led by Gianni Gaeta and his wife Angela.  Gianni leads an apostolic ministry that has started many churches throughout Austria.

France – Evangelique de Montruil – Bob

Paris – Elise Protestante Evangelique de Montruil is led by Pst. Samuel & Helena Rodriquez.  This church is a worshiping church. Many of the people not only speak French, but also English, Portuguese, and German. http://www.eglise-montreuil.com/

Luxembourg – Communidade Crista Restauracao – Bob

Luxembourg, Luxembourg – Communidade Crista Restauracao is led by Paulo & Luz Cardoso (brother of Joao Cardoso), a Portugese speaking church in Luxembourg with a heart for restoration.

Netherlands –

Ede – Adelaarsnest – David – Andrew – Ted – Bob

This church was planted and established by David Fredriksz. It is now led by Pastors Bruce and Angelique Wijnen – spiritual sons of David. They are a vibrant young community with a fresh sound and passion of life.

Hertogenbosh  – Christelijk Centrum “De Banier” – David

Christelijk Centrum “De Banier” – This church was co-founded by David Fredriksz, and is being led by Pastors Walter & Valerie van Dongen. David serves in this church as an overseer and helps the church in coaching and mentoring.


Utrecht – Familekerk de Fakkel – David – Bob – Ted – Andrew

De Familiekerk de Fakkel is a local family church led by Niels & Sandra IJpma with the assistance of Sacha and Miriam Hogerhorst. This is a growing community of family minded believers embracing the culture of Christ and the values given by God. Niels is a spiritual son of David Fredriksz. – http://www.defakkel.org/home

Vlaardingen – Maranathakerk Vlaardingen – David

This church is being led by Pastor Hedy The. The members of this community have for 80% an Asian background. David Fredriksz serves as an apostle to this church. He helps the leadership with coaching and mentoring.

Portugal –

Figueira De Foz – Centro Cristao Vida Abundante (CCVA) – Ted – Bob

Lisbon – Centro Cristao Vida Abundante (CCVA) – Ted – Bob

Lousa – Centro Cristao Vida Abundante (CCVA) – Ted – Bob

Moscavide – Centro Cristao Vida Abundante (CCVA) – Ted – Bob

Viseu – Centro Cristao Vida Abundante (CCVA) -Ted

Portugal – Both Bob and Ted frequently minister in the different CCVA (Centro Cristao Vida Abundante) churches in Portugal.  Andrew was extensively involved here in previous years as well. These were started by Joao & Anna Cardoso.  The mother church is in Lisbon, with other churches in every area of Portugal.  At the present, Joao has returned to his motherland of Angola and beginning churches there. http://www.ccva.org/ccva2/


Bob also has a number of non-CCVA relationships throughout Portugal… especially with the Teen Challenge group. This group has numerous Drug Rehab facilities throughout the USA and Europe.

Centro Cristao Vida Abundante churches influenced by Ted, Bob, Andrew

·       João Pedro (Lisboa)

·       Luis Miguez (Lousã)

·       Luis Miguez (Figueira de Foz)

·       Miguel Bernardo (Viseu)

·       Miguel Bernardo (Mealhada)

·       Manuel Ferreira &  Lidia Ferreira (Moscavide)

·       Jorge Nunes (Portimão)

·       João Nunes (Queluz)

·       Eugénio Santos (Entroncamento)

·       Rodrigo (Olhão)

·       Mário Nobre (da Rainha)

·       José Costa (Santarém / Leiria)

·       Francisco Armando (Benavente)

·       António Páscoa (Aveiro)

·       Antonio José (Évora / Beja)

·       Maria José (Alverca)


Spain –

Mijas – G42 Leadership Academy – Andrew – David – Ted teach

This is a leadership training school of G42. The 42nd generation is a network of Christ-followers with the mission to plant churches, businesses, & ministries to spread the Kingdom of God around the world—to inspire and develop leaders who are passionate about giving their lives to the Message of Christ – www.g42leadershipacademy.org.

Mijas – MATTOO – Andrew

This is the European arm of MATTOO based in G42 in MIjas and led by alum Stephanie Fisk. Contact. Headquarters are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA – www.MATTOO.org

South America:

Peru –

Cusko – Camino de Vida – Bob

Lima – Camino de Vida – Bob

Peru – Camino de Vida is led by Robert and Karen Barriger –  Robert is an apostolic pastor with a large mother church in Lima.  Robert is a long time friend of Bob. http://caminodevida.com/

United Kingdom:


Clay Cross – North East Debeshier Christian Centre  – Ted

North East Debeshier Christian Centre is under the direction of five leaders. They have facilitated prayer in and around the community on a daily basis. Their strengths are worship, prayer, and making connections with other like-minded ministries in the area. This is a long term connection with Ted Hanson and has been influenced by Andrew Shearman as well.

Middleton – River of Life – Ted – David – Bob

Middleton, England – Pastor Graham & Chris Wilkenson have a heart to see the Father glorified and His children alive in Christ. They are presently teamed with Community Impact Church in Oldham, England, but they continue to gather in Middleton as well.

Milton Keynes – Milton Keynes Christian Centre – Andrew

Milton Keynes, England – Milton Keynes Christian Centre is a community and missions focus church led by Pastor Mark

London, England – Oasis City Church in Watford – Bob

Steve and Karina Maile lead Oasis City Church in Watford England.  Steve was mentored under Rienhard Bonnke… and is a strong evangelist gift.  His wife is from Cordoba, Argienta.  Steve carries a heart for men and a strong desire to equip the Body of Christ in evangelism. http://www.oasiscitychurch.net/meet-the-pastors

Oldham – Community Impact Church – John – Ted – David

Impact Community Church does what it says on the label, it Impacts the community with the love of God. This church is led by Pastors Elijah and Hayley Boswell. They do numerous outreach and impact projects into the city. John Marsden has a long-standing relationship with Elijah and Hayley Boswell.


York – Rock Church – Bob – Ted

York, England – Rock Church, led by Anthony & Chris Chapman is a culturally relevant church reaching the city of York with a Kingdom community.  High Energy worship, extreme creativity, unconventional style… lights, smoke machines, media… the Rock is a cutting edge church focusing on reaching the young people in York. http://www.rockchurch.org.uk/

Missions in the UK – Global Adventures – Andrew

The Global Adventure is an around the world mission to plant churches and develop men and women who are ready to make a change in this world. David Hearn is developing this ministry. The first trip leaves September 2013 from London and will take our first intrepid explorers to North America, South America, Australia/NZ, South East Asia, Africa, and finally Spain. Each stop will have a mission to serve and to learn.

Wales – Prestatyn – Calvary Church – John – Andrew – Bob – David – Ted

Calvary Church exists to glorify God and further His Kingdom in Prestatyn, North Wales and beyond, by demonstrating and releasing the power and reality of the Good News of Jesus Christ through the lives of committed disciples. The senior Pastor is Luke Jones. Their aim is to equip, empower and release all of our resources so that every man, woman and child has an opportunity to hear and understand the Good News of Jesus Christ and receive Him as their personal Saviour.

United States:


Mobile – Daulphin Island United Methodist Church – Ted

Dauphin Island United Methodist Church exists to lead people to an encounter with Jesus Christ, in whom they find healing for their hearts andtransformation for their lives.



Duncan – New Life Duncan – Bob

Ducan, AZ – New Life Duncan is connected to New Life City Church in Safford. This ministry is led by Do and Alice.

Queen Creek – On Eagles Wings Ministries – Bob

Queen Creek, AZ – On Eagles Wings Ministries is led by Mike & Sylvia Salazar.  This ministry is a “restoration” ministry that exemplifies “community” as well as residential counseling.  Mike also works with the CPS (Child Protective Services) of Phoenix.

Stafford – New Life CitiChurch – Bob

Safford, AZ – New Life City Church is led by Phil & Winnie Tutor.  Phil is a former Baptist pastor, and is not only heavily involved in the City of Safford (which is a dominately Mormon community) but is involved in Rowanda in building and training local church leaders as well as meeting with Rowandian government officials.



Orlando – Centro de la Familia – Bob

Orlando – Centro de la Familia (Center for the Christian Family) is led by Roberto and Awilda Candalario.  This large bi-lingual church is a church planting machine with other locations in Deltona, Poinciana, Tampa, Austin, McAllen, and other places. This mother church is about 1800+ in number… some of the daughter churches are over 1000+. Roberto is an apostolic pastor and long time friend of Bob. http://cfcorlando.org/


Decatur – The Gathering – Bob

Decatur, GA – The Gathering is led by Michael & Kathy Hindes… it is a youth led church of most 20-30 yrs old.  With an unconventional style, they meet in a bar on Saturday evenings. Training and equipping young men and women, this ministry has launched about 10 different ministries in the past two years. Giving oversight and development to these young people in the field, Michael and Kathy travel extensively to visit their “children” in the field.

Gainesville – Adventures In Missions (AIM) – Andrew

AIM is interdenominational missions founded by Seth Barnes and it is an organization that focuses on discipleship. Since they were established in 1989, they have taken over 100,000 people into the mission field, some for as short as a week or even a year or longer. The World Race (11 Countries in 11 Months) is a part of the missions of AIM. AIM gives people the opportunity to hold orphans, bring hope to the hopeless, and pray for the sick, and experience lives being transformed.




Wichita – Christ Life Ministries – Ted

Christ Life Ministries is led by Pastors Derick and Taleta Stoltz. Their passion is to see the life of Christ revealed in and through every believer. The presence and the power of Christ are great values in this church community. This is a long standing connection with Ted Hanson. Derick is a spiritual son to Ted Hanson.


Lockport – Victory Life Church – Andrew

A ministry led by Pastor Danny Knight. Andrew has been helping to father Danny and this church for a number of years and serves as part of the apostolic oversight of the church. Contact: www.victorylifeonline.org

Morgan City – Word of Life Family Church  – Andrew
Patterson LA – Word of Life Family Church , Pastor Lee Lamur . Andrew has been working with Pastor Lee for many years and serves as part of the church`s apostolic oversight. Contact: www.wolfc.org

Thibodaux – Thibodaux Family Church – Andrew

A family church led by Pastor Duane Bland. Andrew has been with Pastor Duane Bland since the church was pioneered as a father in the Lord and serves as part of the apostolic oversight of the church. Contact:


Minneapolis – MATTOO – Andrew

This is the headquarters of MATTOO (Men Against The Trafficking Of Others) led by Andrew Hanson where Andrew serves as board member.  Contact: www.MATTOO.org


Port Huron – Cross Current Church – Bob

Port Huron, MI – Cross Current Church is led by Mark & Trace Wargo.  This is a culturally relevant – spiritually sensitive church seeking to make a difference in the Port Huron Township.


South Haven – Harvest of Faith – John

Richard Chambliss is the servant leader Harvest of Faith Ministries. This is a local church with a strong connection to mission work in Baja, Mexico. Richard writes and ministers by publication, teaching and proclaiming the Good News of God’s reconciliation with mankind through the finished work and ongoing intercession of Jesus the Christ Savior of the world and Lord and King of His Father’s Creation. www./harvestoffaith.com

New Mexico

Deming – River of Life Citichurch – Bob – Ted – Andrew

Deming, NM – River of Life Citichurch is pastured by Cesar and Irene Chavez.  This local church is bi-lingual and has a great church planting vision as well as a local community involvement.

Columbus – River of Life – Bob

Columbus, NM – connected to River of Life in Deming, this church is pastored by one of the men from “The River”.

New York

Brewster – Fuego de Fe – Bob

Brewster, NY – Fuego de Fe is led by pastors Pedro & Gladys… have a heart for reaching their community with the message of the Kingdom!

North Carolina

Asheville – G42 Alumni Community – Andrew

A new ministry being pioneered by Josh and Tara Bruce to be a ‘Kitchen Table’ community in the city. joshbruce@me.com

Charlotte – G42 Alumni Community – Andrew

A new group being formed with 5-6 alums who are planning on being together by the end of July, 2013.


Harrisburg – Life Center – Andrew – Bob

Harrisburg, PA – Life Center is led by Charles and Ann Stock.  This vibrant church is very much a “River Church” … a church that continue to move in “renewal”.  Charles and Ann are dear friends of both Andrew and Bob.


Dyersburg – Journey Church – John

Journey Church is led by Pastor Michael Wilson. Journey Church was born out of a desire to help people on their spiritual journey. It’s for people who lives are not perfect. It’s for people who are looking for relationship, not religion.

Memphis – G42 Alumni Community – Andrew

This is a new church plant led by a team of G42 graduates. They in the process of establish community, location, and defining their purpose. They will likely be called “The Bakery”.


Austin – Center of Relational Care – Bob

Center for Relational Care – Counseling ministry started by Dr. David Ferguson and Dr. Bruce Walker.  This counseling ministry consists of 15+ counselors with all areas of speciality, using “Intimacy Therapy” as their counseling model.

Austin, Texas – David & Teresa Ferguson – David was Bob & Laura’s “best man” at their wedding.  He and Teresa have a group of ministries and network all around the world. Davids focus is on “Relational Care & Development”

Austin – Great Commandment Network – Bob

Great Commandment Network – The Great Commandment Network is a team of denominational partners, churches, para-church ministries and strategic ministry leaders who are committed to the development of on-going Great Commandment ministries worldwide. Great Commandment ministries helps us love God and our neighbors through deepening our intimacy with God and with others in marriage, family, church and community relationships. www.greatcommandment.net

College Station – LifeChurch – Bob – Ted on a prophetic basis

College Station, Tx – LifeChurch is pastored by Paul Fowler.  The church is located near the campus of Texas A&M University. LifeChurch is connected with Donnie Cooper working in Peru.

Frederiksberg – Journey Church – Andrew – Bob

Fredricksburg, Tx – Journey Church is pastored by Michael & Lori Darringer.  Michael is a gifted teacher, and works with Andrew in the G42 Leadership Academy teaching escatology. This church also hosts G42U.

Frederiksberg – G42U – Andrew

G42 U is a ministry of G42, Inc., a registered non-profit. G42 is a network of Christ-followers with the mission to plant churches, businesses, & ministries to spread the Kingdom of God around the world—to inspire and develop leaders who are passionate about giving their lives to the Message of Christ. Earn Transferable Credits with College Plus. G42U has partnered with College Plus to establish accredited coursework for all of our students. So not only will you be learning amazing subjects, you’ll be working towards a degree! Students will receive Bible training and introductory training in such fields as cooking, technology, creative arts, farming, construction, budgeting… the list goes on and on… www.g42u.com

McKinney – Abundant Life – David

New life Church, McKinney, TX – This church is being pastored by Ken & Chrystal Schwankl. The former pastor of this church was one of David spiritual fathers. David serves this church as a coach / advisor and has an apostolic voice in this church as well.

Waco – HighPoint Church – Bob

Waco, TX – HighPoint Church is pastored by John & Sheri Rambeau.  This church is a community minded church. This church consists mainly of former Baptist-type folks who are on fire for the Kingdom!


Bellingham – Abundant Life – Ted

Abundant Life was founded by Ted Hanson in 1991 and is now led by his son Jonathan Hanson. Pastor Jonathan Hanson leads a dynamic multi-generational church helping people see, experience and walk in the Abundant Life that Jesus came to give. This church is thriving and growing with a culture of life and a culture of honor. They are known as ALife Family.

Bellingham – Christ Life Training – Ted

Christ Life Training is a ministry training school under the direction of Ted Hanson. The course of instruction is designed to train individuals in an understanding of God’s word through a New Covenant mindset as well as to activate God’s gifts and power in their lives through an activation of grace. There is a strong emphasis on the teaching of God’s word, experiencing an encounter with the Holy Spirit, and being released to function in God’s power and gifts in their lives. The mandate of Christ Life Training is to raise up, activate, transform, and commission influencers of life to the world who will connect people to the love, life, power, grace, and testimony of Christ.


Lynden – Awake & Arise Counseling Ministry – Ted

Awake & Arise is a ministry led by Janet Robinson, an ordained minister of House of Bread Ministry. Awake & Arise is a ministry that exists for one purpose: to help men and women come fully alive!  This is done through Spirit facilitated counseling, ministry weekends, and other designed to awaken and cause people to arise into all they were meant to be. www.awakeandarise.com

Mt. Vernon – Healing Rooms – Ted

The Lord is my Shepherd Healing Ministries, Mission is led by Carol Sweet, an ordained minister of House of Bread Ministry. She facilitates heating teams that conducts healing rooms, healing training and healing ministry.

Mt. Vernon – Everyone’s Church – Ted

This is a ministry led by Pastor Brice Greathouse. Ted speaks in this church as a connection of exhortation. The vision at Everyone’s Church is to instill godly longevity into one’s personal life, this region, county, state, and the world.

Oak Harbor – ALife Community – Ted

This is a community connection of Abundant Life serving many Oak Harbor churches in providing a place of life and refreshing of the Holy Spirit. This gathering is hosted and facilitated by Scot and Dian Yonkman. Their vision is to support the local churches and community of Oak Harbor by simply allowing the Holy Spirit to bring His life in a safe environment of the Holy Spirit’s liberty.

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