Welcome to the RIM five. We are five friends committed to serve the body of Christ in embracing the hope of Christ’s calling, standing as the riches of His inheritance in the earth, and releasing Christ’s power of life to change the world around us and to the generations that follow.

R.I.M. acts as a link to facilitate and empower the believers around a basic belief system. That belief is centered on New Covenant life, grace, personal intimacy with God in Christ, and a global harvest for the testimony of Christ’s glory. Our connection is centered around our relationship as a team of spiritual fathers and influencers of the body of Christ. We find that God inhabits the simple connection of relationship and we encourage relationships of diversity for the unity of Christ.

Each of the five of us represents churches and ministries throughout the world. Our intent is to encourage connections of churches, ministries, and leaders that share in the spirit of the vision of R.I.M. while maintaining local autonomy. We work to serve, encourage, activate, and equip relational connections in making disciples in the nations through local churches and local church ministries.

Beginning in April of 2014 the five of us who represent ministries in various denominations, non-denominations, regions, and nations of the world will be offering a new monthly resource. On the last Monday of each month we will be doing a one-hour teaching via live stream to the leadership and leadership core of ministries we connect to in some way. These teachings are part of our life-message as spiritual influencers of the body of Christ as a spiritual inheritance.

April 28, 2014 – Ted J. Hanson
New Covenant Leadership

Reformation International Ministries