Resources by the RIM Five and Associated Ministries:

January 30th – Pastor Jonathan Hanson & Ted J. Hanson – Discovering the Why?

November 28th – Ben Nichols

October 31st – Andrew Shearman – ‘Great Truths’

September 26th – Pastor John Marsden – 

‘Humility in the Life of the Believer’

August 29th – Pastor Niels IJpma – Utrecht, Netherlands – ‘Family Culture’

July 25th – Ted J. Hanson – RIM Update and Prophetic Perspective —

June 27th – Pastor Jonathan Hanson – Connecting The Ancient and The New —

April 25th – Dr. Bob Nichols – “Grace Works”

March 28th – Ted J. Hanson – “Living For The Harvest”

February 29th – David Fredriksz – “The Eternal Battle of the Mind”

February 29th – Pastor Cesar Chavez – “A Healthy Soul!”

“Stinkin Thinkin”December 28th – Dr. Bob Nichols – “Stinkin Thinkin”

November 30th – Andrew Shearman – “Breakthrough”

October 31st – Ted J. Hanson – ‘Relationships – The Foundation of Ministry’ 

September 28th – Pastor Jonathan Hanson – Ceilings & Floors

August 31st – Dr. Bob Nichols – “Worship… the War of Peace”

July 27th – John Marsden “Relational Connection”
June 29th – Andrew Shearman – “Hell No!”
June 1st – Ted J. Hanson The Covenant Foundation of Leadership
April 27th –  David Fredriksz – Faithfulness, The Secret to the Place of Authority

March 30th – Dr. Bob Nichols – Faith in the Kingdom of God

February 23rd – Ted J. Hanson – Obedience To The Faith

January 26th – John Marsden –‘Dealing with the Storms of Life’ 

December 29th – Dr. Bob Nichols -‘Forgiving Completely’

November 3rd – Andrew Shearman -‘What is God’s Point?’

November 3, 2014 – David Fredriksz – ‘The Church’ 

September 29th – Dr. Bob Nichols – ‘Dealing With Your Impostor’

August 25th 10:30am PST  – Ted J. Hanson – ‘New Covenant Leadership’

July 28, 2014 – The 42nd Generation – Andrew Shearman:

June  – The Healthy Christian – John Marsden:

David Fredriksz in May – Leadership Potential:

Ted J. Hanson in April – New Covenant Culture:

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